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Keytite Graphite Paste and Pipe Joint Compound


Pipe joint Compound - Waterproof Sealant for air, gas, water and streamline joints

This viscous sealant cannot be equaled for leak proof sealing of threaded, flanged and gasket joints. Use Key-Tite® in flow lines for hot and cold water, aqueous solutions, low pressure steam slurries, natural and manufactured gases, compressed air, filled products*, dilute acids and caustics, and alcohols. Key-Tite® is dark green and consists of vegetable and mineral oils and prime and extender pigments, plus an anti-oxidant. Key-Tite® contains no lead or other toxic ingredients, and will not affect the taste or color of water or any other potable liquid.

KEY® Graphite Paste

Graphite sealant for petroleum product, acid, and high pressure steam line joints

This viscous compound is the industry's finest for leakproof sealing of threaded, flanged and gasket joints in flow lines for gasoline and other fluids, solvents, including chlorinated (Trichloroethylene) and aromatic and vegetable oils, ethers, esters, ketones, alcohols, glycerin, glycois, compressed air, high pressure steam and strong acids. Key Graphite Paste acts as a lubricant and protects pipe threads from rust and seizing. When hot, it expands to provide an even tighter seal. Gaskets sealed with it can be reused. It stays soft and pliable in the can and never needs stirring. Key Graphite Paste is black and consists of food grade carbohydrate binder, graphite, and a preservative. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has classified this material at 0 to 10, less hazardous than paraffin oil in respect to fire hazard.